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To build a more equitable and regenerative local food economy through affordable, flexible financing and customized business support.

A Genuinely Different Approach

At Foodshed Capital, we're changing the face of farm finance and making food systems more equitable and more regenerative from the ground up. We prioritize those who have been underserved by historically extractive and discriminatory lending practices, specifically Black and Indigenous people of color, immigrants, women and non-binary people, and those with low-income or limited assets.

Access to capital is consistently one of the biggest barriers to success for small farmers, but we believe most of the financial "solutions" presented are simply reinventing the wheel—new iterations of extractive models that force farmers to offer a return of and return on investment. The stress of those returns, coupled with the unpredictability of a changing climate, means farmers are forced to carry an inequitable portion of risk. 

To support the long-term viability of food businesses rather than short-term profits from loans, lenders must truly move outside the box of traditional financial models.  And that's exactly what we're doing.


Everyone should have equal access to capital. We prioritize partnering with people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTQIA, and beginning farmers and business owners.
Wheat Crop


Mother Nature is on her own timeline. Flexibility and responsiveness to borrowers is vital when things don't go as planned. 

Risk Tolerance

Food production comes with conditions outside a farmer's control. It is only fair that lenders shoulder some of the risk, particularly as our climate changes. 
Cabbage Leaves


The process of applying for a loan should be straightforward and transparent, and borrowers should be able to access capital in a timely fashion.


Borrowers deserve a lender who is focused on their long-term viability and stays in touch during good times and bad.
Yellow Flowers


​​Farming does not have to be extractive. Food production should protect and regenerate ecosystems, increase biodiversity, and prioritize the wellbeing all.
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