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Expediting capital access, expanding our footprint

We've worked hard to streamline our application process so borrowers can access the funding they need quickly. Still, proper due diligence is essential and time consuming, and our long-term partnerships are built upon the ability to visit borrowers in person.

As a small team based in central Virginia, we are able to support more borrowers in more places when we join forces with organizations working alongside loan applicants outside our region. This collaboration allows us to fast-track access to funding based on an organization's existing relationships, and lean on them to help ensure borrowers have the ongoing support they need.

Where this is working

We have partnered with a variety of farm service providers and regional / community organizations to deploy financing. One example is our work with Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA) to extend 0% financing to food producers in New York's North Country. ANCA manages the loan applications and due diligence, and we step in to provide the funding.

We have also worked with recipients of the Pennsylvania Farm Vitality Planning Grant to provide bridge funding to regenerative producers in PA. Because producers are vetted through the state's applicatio
n process, we can confidently provide recipients with bridge funding to support their long-term planning goals. Learn more about our various collaborative initiatives here.

If you're a farmer advocacy group, agricultural nonprofit, training program, or growers school—or a farmer who has an existing relationship with one—please reach out. We'd love to find a way to work together.

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