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The Garden International (2)

The Garden International (2)

Laurel, MD

0% interest loan funded April 2024

The Garden International is a Maryland-based urban mushroom farm that has evolved into an agriculture innovation company. Owners Cory Moore and Liz Robinson grow 20 varieties of specialty mushrooms such as lion’s mane, oyster, chestnut, and shiitake. With a focus on “restorative sustainable systems that work in harmony with nature,” Cory and Liz produce chemical-free mushrooms grown in organic oak, soy hulls, grains, and mushroom mycelium.

After serving thousands of customers locally and around the world for 5 years, their demand is higher than our current production capacity and they are ready to grow our footprint and impact. On their new 12-acre farm, they'll be launching phase one of construction on their new Mushroom Learning Center, a key component of their ambitious growth roadmap.

Having supported The Garden International just a year ago in 2023, FoodCap was proud to offer them another round of 0% interest financing as they respond to the demand for their products and expand their educational impact in the community.

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