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Soulshine Farm

Soulshine Farm

Bedford, VA

Low interest bridge loan funded August 2022

SoulShine Farm is a diversified veggie farm with two locations. Owner Dustin Formon started the operation as a small-scale urban farm in Lynchburg, VA. After a few season Dustin and his wife Rachel decided to relocate the farm to a 150 acre family land in Bedford, VA. Dustin's mission is to find and fill the overlooked niches in the food market. The farm is committed to improving soil health through regenerative practices such as cover cropping, composting, and using natural pest prevention. Back in June 2021 SoulShine Farm received a low-interest loan from Foodshed Capital to help build a processing shed and walk-in cooler. Foodshed Capital will now support the farm with a low-interest bridge loan to to build a new high tunnel. The funds will front the cash for the project until Dustin is reimbursed by his USDA NRCS grant.

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