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Painterland Sisters

Painterland Sisters

Westfield, PA

Low-interest bridge loan funded Sept. 2020

Painterland Sisters is the yogurt production arm of Painterland Farms, a fourth-generation family dairy farm located in Westfield, PA operated by sisters Stephanie and Haley Painter. On over 3000 acres, the Painter family produces hay and other feed for their dairy herd, using certified organic and regenerative management practices like crop rotation, rotational grazing, and natural fertilization to support thriving soil. All livestock is grazed on open pasture and fed a balanced diet of organic grains and grasses. With the nourishing milk from their family farm, Painterland Sisters produces organic Skyr yogurt, a high protein, high probiotic, and low sugar snack currently distributed in five states. They were awarded a 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Vitality Planning Grant and received a bridge loan from Foodshed Capital to ensure they didn't pay out of pocket while waiting for grant reimbursement. The grant and loan enabled them to build a robust financial model for their startup marketing company and eCommerce operation.

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