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Jones Gardens (2)

Jones Gardens (2)

Staunton, VA

0% interest loan funded June 2024

Jones Gardens was launched in 2021 by Staunton, Virginia natives Naomi and Sarah Jones. The goal was to create an enriching community space which was simultaneously functional and beautiful. The Joneses personally identified with the struggle to put fresh food on the table, having grown up in a lower income household.

Jones Gardens has transformed unused parcels of land into vibrant edible landscapes, improving fresh food availability in the community and providing a setting for people of all backgrounds to gather. They began their first "garden park" on just .14 acres of land and produced 1,600 pounds of organic food during their first growing season.

In 2023, they set out to deepen their impact, receiving significant grants and funding to develop an expansion garden. This added an additional 1/2 acre of gardening space, allowing them to produce a total of 6,500 pounds of produce and feed over 60 Staunton households every week.

Foodshed Capital proudly supported Jones Gardens in 2022 to hire an employee to staff their neighborhood market. Now, we've provided them with a second round of 0% interest financing to help them add a food storage facility and cold storage to accommodate increased production and feed more locals.

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