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Fairweather Farm

Fairweather Farm

Charlottesville, VA

Low-interest loan funded August 2023

“I started Fairweather Farm in 2011 out of a personal desire to be in a closer relationship with the land and to support my community with 100% homegrown herbal teas and culinary spices,” says Fairweather Farm co-owner Rachel Perry. After farming in Afton and then Earlysville, VA, Fairweather settled on a ⅓ acre property in Charlottesville, VA. Husband and wife team Daniel and Rachel Perry now run the farm with the mission of creating a lasting harmony between nourishing their family, their community, and the land.

Rachel’s decision to grow herbs was no coincidence. Herbs act as habitats for pollinators, are less water-intensive to cultivate, and are resilient against weather fluctuations. Fairweather collects rainwater for irrigation and has strategically graded their soil to reduce runoff and retain water for the crops. Rachel and Daniel use local aged horse manure for fertilizer, plant cover crops, and mulch their pathways with wood chips instead of plastic ground cloth.

Rachel's herbal teas and culinary spice blends are wildly popular at central Virginia farmers markets, and through online sales. Daniel also uses the herbs in his homemade jams, which he sells through his own business, Jam According to Daniel.

Foodshed Capital provided Fairweather Farm with a low-interest loan to purchase equipment for grading/clearing and fencing their land. The funds will also go towards HVAC for their workshop, where they will be converting fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables, and spices into their value-added products.

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