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Double J Farms

Double J Farms

Caswell County, NC

0% interest loan funded March 2023

Double J Farms in Caswell County, NC is a third-generation family farm run by Justin Walker, who was born and raised on the farm’s 35 acres. After learning the ropes of commodity row-cropping from his grandparents, he has developed a vision for the farm based around regenerative agriculture and agri-tourism. Over the past few years, he has expanded into diversified vegetables crops, selling through his church and a mobile market. 

When Justin’s grandmother passed during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was suddenly faced with the financial challenge of covering the property’s loan and running costs. He has been working tirelessly to keep the farm operational while working a full-time job off the farm to stay afloat.

Our partnership with Justin is an example of our ongoing and deepened commitment to BIPOC land security. Beginning in fall 2022, Foodshed Capital provided him with extensive support in working through his family’s historical financials and getting the property taxes up to date, as well as 0% financing with a significant grace period. This second installment of loan fund has removed the threat of land loss and enabled him to work with a lawyer to settle his family’s estate. We’ll remain in partnership with Justin and support as needed so he can keep expanding his vision for the farm.

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