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Della Terra

Della Terra

Lewis County, NY

0% interest loan funded August 2022

Della Terra is a veggie farm preparing to become a compost operation in Lewis County, NY. Owner Julian Mangano alway dreamed of owning land that was both sustainable and ran off renewable energy. In 2016 he put his dream into action and purchased a 5 acre property to build Della Terra. His mission is to cultivate nutrient dense, chemical free produce, and committing his energy to the movement for a more sustainable food system. After a couple of years Julian realized that composting is the key to true sustainability. Armed with training from the US Compost Council Young Professionals Mentor Program, the Small Farm Planning and Design Course at GrowNYC, Julian is well on his way to building a sustainable compost operation - fertility for his own high-quality veggies and for other regenerative farmers in the region. Foodshed Capital will support Della Terra with a 0% interest loan to get his compost operation up and running. This is also the first of many loans funded in partnership with Adirondack North County Association.

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