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Clemmons Family Farm

Clemmons Family Farm

Charlotte, VT

0% interest bridge loan funded March 2023

The historic, 148-acre Clemmons Family Farm is one of just .4% of farms nationwide that remain Black-owned, and one of just 17 Black-owned farms in the entire state of Vermont. Established in the 1700's by white settlers, the farm was purchased in 1962 by the Clemmons family and has been operated organically ever since. In addition to producing food, CFF works with universities and researchers in the development of its sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty initiatives. It also serves as an oasis for Vermonters of the African diaspora through on-farm artist residencies and community-building programming centered around the arts and conservation.

President and Executive Director Lydia Clemmons grew up on the farm, and after a 35-year career primarily in Africa as an internationally recognized community development worker and researcher with a PhD and MPH, she returned to Vermont in 2013 to help preserve the farm's ownership and transition it to a Black-led non-profit organization. Through her incredible efforts, the organization, Clemmons Family Farm, Inc., has successfully funded the purchase of its land, minimizing heirs property concerns amongst family members and freeing up funds previously relegated to property taxes to expand agricultural production and community programs.

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