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Butts Bros Farm

Butts Bros Farm

Knox, NY

0% interest loan funded July 2022

Butts Bros Farm LLC is a diversified animal husbandry and farm-to-table operation in Albany County, NY. Owner Justin Butts is a US Navy veteran and chef with a Bachelor's degree and Chef Certification from the Culinary Institute of America's Farm-to-Table concentration. He was awarded one of the 11 fellowships in the inaugural year of the Braiding Seeds Fellowship and gained experience as the livestock manager at Soul Fire Farm. Butts Bros focuses on pasture-raised poultry for meat and eggs, a wide variety of produce, and pasture-raised pork. The initial production includes soap, pork, ducks, and chickens. Most production will be marketed direct-to-consumer through a CSA and farmers market. Justin's goal is to create a holistic farm, food, and value-added enterprise that can also serve as an incubator and community space for BIPOC and veteran farmers. In collaboration with a variety of funding partners including Trellis Capital and the Local Farms Fund, Foodshed capital supported Butts Bros Farm with a zero-interest loan to purchase a 100+ acre property in upstate New York.

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