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Hunter Hopcroft
Kavita Koppa



Kavita (Kuh-vee-thuh) joined our board in August 2023. She works at RAFI-USA, creating economically viable land access opportunities focused on farmers of color. Kavita has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit, for-profit, and cooperative sectors on issues up and down the agricultural supply chain. She is a skilled advisor, mediator, and strategic partner who is passionate about improving practical and equitable access to financing. In addition to her work at RAFI-USA, Kavita is a proud co-owner at Money Positive, a worker-owned financial planning firm focused on helping those who are often excluded from the conventional financial industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in geography and biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a dual MBA/MA in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin. Kavita can usually be found frolicking through the woods of North Carolina and getting overly-excited about plants.

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