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Hunter Hopcroft
Claudine Nayan



Claudine Nayan (she/her) joined the Foodshed Capital board in June 2024. Born in Manila, Philippines and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Claudine has spent over 14 years working in the food & farming world in various positions. Inspired by a farm dinner tour where she met hundreds of hardworking farmers and fed thousands of hungry guests across the world at more than 1,000 small farms, Claudine is on a mission to get food to the people. 

Now at a non-profit farm, Amber Waves, Claudine proudly leads the women-powered farm in fundraising and partnerships while balancing a slow life in Amagansett, NY. From development & fundraising, corporate & community partnerships, & the hundreds of farm dinners across the world, she sees one thing in common: We all gotta eat, y’all.

Claudine brings a highly unique set of skills to our organization, having developed relationships with so many farmers around the country, working on a farm full-time, and understanding the complete life cycle of farm-to-plate. As we endeavor to embed farmers' perspectives into FoodCap's leadership, we are so grateful to have her experience and perspective on the board.

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