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Betsy Miles



Betsy joined Fooshed Capital in May of 2024. Her passion for farming began on her family's small dairy farm in southwest Virginia, where she milked cows with her dad every morning, and grew stronger with her own dairy, beef, and sheep farming ventures as an adult. Her love of science led her to obtain a bachelor's degree in biology, and a passion for numbers led her to an entry-level position at an accounting firm. Rising through the ranks, she earned a master's in accounting and then an MBA. For nearly 12 years, Betsy focused on non-profit accounting and grant management, gaining invaluable experience that she would later bring to a non-profit organization in West Virginia. There, she streamlined the organization's accounting processes and broadened her scope to include public relations, grassroots campaigning, media consulting, lobbying, and government relations.

Betsy's deep love of farming, dedication to sustainable and responsible practices, and expertise in accounting and finance led her to seek out Kitchen Table Consultants, where she worked as a fractional controller and then to Foodshed Capital. At FoodCap, she brings her skills and knowledge full circle – back to her roots, her passion, and helping the American farmer and the agriculture industry.

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