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Liberation Farm

Planting the seed for a new generation of Black Agrarians


Liberation Farm is a Black-owned business
dedicated to growing people and plants, and we're going all in to help them become landowners. 

Owners Nadia Muyeeb-Adewale and Omowale Adewale are creating opportunities for Black descendants in New York State to reunite with the land, while increasing access to nutrient-dense, organically grown vegetables in the region. As farmers, educators, activists, and artists, they embody the essence of Black Agrarianism through their focus on community.

We've selected Liberation Farm as The LND Initiative's inaugural project and are committed to supporting their long-term success.

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Liberation Farm's primary focus is on cultivating community. Through events, trainings, camp-outs, and volunteer days, they offer safe spaces for people of color to get reacquainted with food and the land. Their flagship event, Black VegFest, draws 3000+ attendees.


As a working, food-producing farm, Liberation specializes in beets, microgreens, peppers, squash, tomatoes, and herbs, as well as cold-pressed juice. Living and teaching about a plant-based lifestyle is central to their work.

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Like so many farmers of color, Liberation Farm is in need of a permanent home.

In 2022, their land lease fell through, leaving them in limbo for the 2023 season and pulling the rug out from under their planned events. Although a short-term lease is in place for 2023, they lack autonomy, infrastructure ownership, and the ability to plan beyond this year.

This instability jeopardizes all the momentum they've built and puts Liberation Farm at risk of becoming a statistic.

We're walking in the footsteps of Fannie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman, and the Black organizers and agrarians who came before us. We're bringing the legacy of the Freedom Farm Cooperative to life through our work - and we're on the cusp of something great.

- Omowale Adewale

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A values-aligned landowner in New York State has offered his property to Liberation Farm for purchase at a hugely reduced price.

Located in the New York City watershed and on a large parcel that would support their growth and their community events, the land presents a rare and potentially life-changing opportunity.  Although priced considerably less than fair market value, it is still out of reach for them financially.

We're raising $1 million
in seed funding to:

Secure the farmland ahead of a June 1 close and finance Liberation Farm's purchase through "Loan-Not-Debt" financing.

Staff The LND Initiative and compensate partners to provide wraparound support to Liberation Farm and BIPOC farmers down the line.

Help us make it happen.

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