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Waddle Om

Waddle Om

Scottsville, VA

0% interest bridge loan funded Sept. 2023

Waddle Om Farm is a holistic livestock and herbal farm in Scottsville, VA run by Daniel and Shankari Goldstein. They specialize in raising sheep and have recently built out an herbal apothecary that grows medicinals for teas and value-added products.

With 2.7 acres in cultivation and 257 acres for grazing, Waddle Om is planting the roots for a deeper, ancestral connection with the land. Shankari and Daniel see farming as more than planting seeds and collecting the harvest. Shankari's background in yoga, environmental activism, and racial justice created a holistic and multilayered understanding of our relationship to the land, and a drive to heal. Daniel’s relationship to farming began during his childhood and deepened when he studied animal and soil science as an undergraduate student in Hawaii. His carpentry skills have helped Waddle Om build the physical infranstructure to expand their farm vision.

Waddle Om practices no-till gardening and uses cover crops to improve soil structure and water infiltration, and reduce erosion. Their livestock are rotated every one to three days and never overgraze. They have enrolled in the Savory Institute's Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) training program to continue providing the best possible care for their livestock.

With a 0% interest bridge loan from Foodshed Capital, Waddle Om will be able to cover the up front costs to install a new well, fencing, and waterers ahead of their Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District grant.

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