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The Garden International

The Garden International

Beltsville, MD

0% interest loan funded March 2023

The Garden International is a Maryland-based urban mushroom farm. Owners Cory Moore and Liz Robinson grow 20 varieties of specialty mushrooms such as lion’s mane, oyster, chestnut, and shiitake. With a focus on “restorative sustainable systems that work in harmony with nature,” Cory and Liz produce chemical-free mushrooms grown in organic oak, soy hulls, grains, and mushroom mycelium.

Recognizing gourmet mushrooms are often out of reach for folks on a budget, food access is another big priority. They’re working with state and county agriculture commissions to ensure SNAP and WIC are accepted at regional farmers markets. They also offer delivery to customers around Maryland and to DC and Virginia, and offer shipping around the country.

Educating the next generation of mushroom farmers is also a priority for The Garden International. Their Mushroom Grow Kits have been hugely popular, and they’re now creating a K-12 STEM and environmental curriculum. They’ve got two nearby schools on board already and will be launching in Spring 2023.

FoodCap was proud to support them with a 0% interest loan to purchase equipment and expand to new markets.

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