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Tangleroot Farm

Tangleroot Farm

Essex, NY

0% interest loan funded August 2023

Tangleroot Farm is a certified organic produce and goat farm in Essex County, NY. Owner Adam Reed launched the farm in 2013 with a big focus on accessibility. During COVID-19, Adam started delivering CSA shares and teamed up with ADK Action to provide CSA's to 15 low-income homes in his area. Realizing the need and importance of fresh produce for these communities, Tangleroot partnered with ADK again and expanded his CSA to 58 “fair share” members. This expansion brought more organic produce to households in food deserts throughout North Country. Fair share members now represent one-third of Tangleroot’s total CSA memberships. Tangleroot also sells their produce at farmer's markets that accept SNAP.

Tangleroot utilizes regenerative practices like minimal tillage and natural amendments as well as strategic water sourcing and irrigation. Goats help maintain the hedgerows and woodland and are rotated around the farm weekly to prevent overgrazing.

In partnership with Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA), Foodshed Capital extended Tangleroot a 0% loan which allowed them to purchase a small tractor. Operating at a human scale takes a toll on the body, so the tractor will help lighten their load as they haul materials arond the farm and maintain the property.

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