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Sweet Greens Farm

Sweet Greens Farm

Scottsville, VA

Low-interest loan funded Sept. 2023

James Marzluff and Claudia Seixas launched Sweet Greens at an incubator space in Charleston, South Carolina and relocated to a 6-acre neglected hay field in Scottsville, VA in 2017. Over the past seven years, they have transformed the land into a bountiful regenerative vegetable and cut flower farm that provides sustenance and beauty to customers throughout central Virginia.

With educational backgrounds in biology and art and experience farming in Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, and the US Virgin Islands, Sweet Greens is on a mission "to spread joy and beauty through local cut flowers, bring healthy food to our community, and build living soil for future generations."

Regenerative, holistic management is central to operations at Sweet Greens. They utilize cover cropping, composting, and strategic irrigation, and are committed to paying employees above a living wage.

With a low-interest loan from Foodshed Capital, Sweet Greens is building additional infrastructure to house storage crops such as sweet potatoes, dried flowers and herbs, winter squash, and more.

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