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Reber Rock Farm

Reber Rock Farm

Essex, NY

0% interest loan funded May 2023

Reber Rock Farm is a 120-acre operation in New York State producing the only pastured, organically fed poultry and pork within 150 miles of its location, as well as 100% grass-fed beef and maple syrup. This woman-owned operation is proudly entering its 10th year in business and working to increase its overall efficiency and viability. "Over the years, we've grown and changed as life and markets did, while keeping our commitment to community and organic production,” says co-owner Racey Henderson. "The goal is not just for our business to succeed, but for the way humans produce and consume food to shift towards health.”

Through our partnership with Adirondack North Country Association, we were able to offer Reber Rock a 0% interest loan, which will allow them to purchase a larger walk-in freezer and nearly double their poultry production. We're so proud to be partnering with yet another operation focused on both regenerative practices and long-term business viability.

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