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Halifax, VA

0% interest loan funded June 2022

MOR-Industries is a reclaimed, Black-owned, and multigenerational diversified vegetable farm and hemp operation. The farm first came under the Morton family name in 1906 when Paul and Alice Morton purchased and operated it as a tobacco farm. After many years and a period where the land was subdivided and partially sold, Debbie Morton brought it back under the stewardship of the Morton family. MOR-Industries now produces industrial hemp for grain and fiber, as well as a variety of vegetables and fruits. With her GAP certification underway, Debbie is on track to start selling to local grocery stores. She will also partner with a DC-based nonprofit to provide fresh vegetables to Ward 7 and Ward 8 through mutual aid. In addition, her son Stephon manages the production, marketing, and distribution of their award-winning premium spirit, Tusk. MOR-Industries operates with the mission to expand, rejuvenate, and bring economic growth to local job markets in Southern Virginia. The farm received a 0% interest loan to purchase new harvesting, processing, and bottling equipment and to expand veggie production.

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