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Kinfolk Community, Inc.

Kinfolk Community, Inc.

Richmond, VA

0% interest bridge loan funded Sept. 2023

Kinfolk Community, Inc. is a multi-dimensional outreach program for Richmond, Virginia's public housing community. With a focus on uplifting low-income Black neighborhoods and eliminating food deserts, Arthur Burton founded Kinfolk in 2011 in Mosby Court, a housing project in Richmond's East End.

Kinfolk also leads the Food Justice Corridor, a three-prong community empowerment effort focused on a 4.6-mile wide food desert that contains four public housing areas. Designated as a low-health opportunity area by the Virginia Department of Health, this area holds the highest concentration of poverty in the city and struggles with high crime rates and low and declining public school performance rates. The Food Justice Corridor works to eliminate violent and disruptive behaviors in black communities and the schools that lie there, breaks the “Cradle to Prison” pipeline by providing alternatives to youth incarceration programs, and will implement a community farm site as a space for community engagement and empowerment.

Kinfolk received two grants to help the Food Justice Corridor complete their goal of establishing a community farm site. The urban gardens will act as a safe space for the youth and other community members to learn about agriculture, farm management, leadership, mindfulness techniques, and soft skills. The garden will also be a source of fresh produce to combat the negative health conditions prevalent in Richmond’s east end.

With a 0% interest bridge loan from Foodshed Capital, Kinfolk can front the capital needed to build three urban community gardens, cover labor costs, and purchase equipment ahead of their awarded grants.

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