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Hobbit Hill Farm

Hobbit Hill Farm

Mt. Crawford, VA

Low-interest loan funded December 2021

Founded by Husband and wife team Tom and Martha Pack, Hobbit Hill Farm is now primarily in the hands of their daughter Haley. Their commitment to ecological principles is demonstrated by the fact that their blueberry patch has been organic for over 20 years and is currently USDA certified organic. During their short (but sweet) blueberry season, they host a small market with numerous local food vendors and community events. Recently, Haley has taken the reins in the hopes of making the farm a more self-sustaining endeavor. Their low-interest loan from Foodshed Capital will enable them to double their blueberry production and install a deer fence around their entire property. Although blueberries are a slow return on investment, Hobbit Hill is on track to establishing a thriving, ecologically and financially sustainable business.

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