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Gifted Greenery

Gifted Greenery

Stanardsville, VA

0% interest loan funded February 2023

Justin Griffin of Gifted Greenery is a relative newcomer in the farming world. His life in Baltimore, MD and the prevalent food deserts there inspired him to create a line of access to healthy food. After getting his farming start with soils and compost, Justin launched Gifted Greenery in 2022 on a quarter acre of farmland with a focus on diversified veggies.

Gifted Greenery is committed to ecological practices and supplements soils with worm castings and cricket frass, which is known to stimulate an immune response that makes plant leaves too tough for pests. With an emphasis on food access, Justin sells at farmers markets where EBT is accepted and donates his surplus to the Sociewty of St. Andrews and other food pantries.

With a 0% interest loan from Foodshed Capital, Gifted Greenery will expand its production and sales at new markets and purchase drip irrigation supplies, a cat tunnel, and soil sensors to keep an eye on his soil health.

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