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Fast Feast

Fast Feast

Washington County, GA

0% interest loan funded February 2023.

Fast Feast Farm is a Black-owned livestock operation located in Washington County, GA. Owner Mujahid Layton raises goats, ducks, rabbits, chickens, and bees on 20 acres. Dante launched Fast Feast five years ago after ten years of planning. In addition to his farming ventues, he's also an Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor at QuickBooks, so planning comes naturally.

Fast Feast fills a void for local ethnic communities seeking ethically raised and affordable meat. His animal husbandry practices include ensuring all livestock are raised humanely on pasture, locally adapted, and climate-resilient. He is also pursuing 'Animal Welfare Approved' certification.

Foodshed Capital supported Feast Feast with a 0% interest loan to make the final mortgage payments on his farmland interest-free. He'll also use the funds to construct a water catchement system to harvest rainwater. This loan represents our very first loan in the state of Georgia!

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