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East Denver Food Hub

East Denver Food Hub

Denver, CO

0% interest bridge loan funded May 2024

East Denver Food Hub (EDFH) is a social enterprise that cultivates resilient, equitable, and collaborative local and regional food ecosystems through value chain development, institutional procurement, environmental

stewardship, private/public partnerships, and food policy education.

Co-founded in 2020 by David Demerling (CFO) and Roberto Meza (CEO) in the midst of the pandemic, EDFH defines success by its ability to increase local food access for underserved communities as well as the number of BIPOC regenerative farmers; and by the expansion of market opportunities and institutional contracts available to their producer network.

EDFH works with about 80 different farmers and more than 60 different community organizations across Colorado's Front Range. By aggregating products from small and mid-sized farmers, they supply grocery stores, restaurants, nonprofit organizations and food pantries, large volume institutions, and local farmers markets - bringing healthy nutritious food to local communities and supporting long-term food chain viability.

Now, EDFH is scaling its pipeline for small and mid-size local producers to bring more local produce, proteins, and value-added products to market. FoodCap supported them with a 0% interest loan to build up their capacity as they scale, and we're so excited to watch them grow!

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