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Dodo Farms

Dodo Farms

Howard County, MD

0% interest loan funded March 2024

Dodo Farms is a Maryland-based Certified Naturally Grown farm producing diversified veggies and herbs for loyal customers in DC and Maryland. FoodCap proudly supported them with a second round of 0% interest financing as they transition to their brand new, forever(!) farmland.

We worked closely with Tope and colleagues at Dirt Capital Partners over the course of 2023 to be a resource as Dodo sought out the perfect piece of land in a region where land prices make it nearly impossible for small-scale farmers to purchase land.

Our first 0% interest loan to Dodo in 2022 allowed them to purchase an on-farm vehicle to lighten the load of harvest and daily farm chores on the leased land where Dodo Farms was born.

Now, with the unmatched security and autonomy that comes with land ownership, Dodo is wasting no time putting this second round of 0% financing from FoodCap to work as they build deer fencing, install drip irrigation, and get seedlings in the ground for the 2024 growing season.

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