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Deerehaven Farm

Deerehaven Farm

Spring Grove, VA

0% interest loan funded February 2023

In 1980, Lafayette “Chip” Powell started his farming journey on a small urban farm in Philadelphia. After moving to rural Virginia in 2006, Chip began growing produce for his community, saying “No one should go hungry as long as I can grow," Surry County, VA is a food desert with no fresh vegetables within 30 miles. Deerehaven farm serves as a point of access for people to purchase fresh vegetables and to learn how to grow their own food. Since 2014, Chip has been selling his produce at local markets, through two CSA's, and right off the farm. His regenerative practices include encouraging beneficial insects, using organic fertilizers, installing drip irrigation to conserve water, using vinegar for weed control, and composting. He also plants wildflowers and grasses to stop water runoff and attract bees and other insects. With a 0% interest loan, Deerehaven Farm will improve its refrigeration and storage, purchase soil amendments and seeds, repair its greenhouse, and fund operational costs.

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