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Deep Roots Milling

Deep Roots Milling

Nelson County, VA

Low-interest loan funded February 2023

Charlie Wade, Aaron Grigsby, and Ian Gamble run Deep Roots Milling in Nelson County, VA’s historic Woodson’s Mill. Originally built in the 1790’s, it has been in continual operation throughout the majority of its history, even as most mills like it were abandoned alongside the commercialization of modern food. 

Using waterpower and 48-inch stones to grind their grains, their production is inherently sustainable and yields high quality flours in packed with flavor and nutrients. “Woodson’s Mill is an example of the engineering ingenuity of the past. As the last commercially operated water powered mill in the state, it serves as a vital piece of the local agricultural community,” Charlie explains. Currently, Deep Roots sources all their grain from regenerative farmers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

In 2022, Deep Roots received a grant to renovate a room on the third floor of the mill, which will allow them to relocate their sifting equipment for a much improved bagging process. Foodshed Capital is proud to be expanding our partnership with Deep Roots through this second loan to them - a bridge loan to cashflow the renovation until grant funding comes in.

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