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Crow Fly Farms

Crow Fly Farms

Marion, NC

Low-interest loan funded April 2021

Owned and operated by Jake Puckett and Laura Mikos, Crow Fly Farms is located on 82 acres in the foothills of Western North Carolina. The husband-and-wife team started their journey with a couple of backyard chickens and a lust for really good clean food. They now raise cattle and hogs in addition to chickens and have built skills in holistic management through trainings with Savory Institute. They have also relied on consulting services from the Robinia Institute, helmed by FoodCap borrower and Common Wealth Partner Daniel Griffith. Crow Fly raises heritage breeds and uses rotational grazing. Their cattle are 100% grass-fed and are rotated daily through the farm’s pastures to ensure that they always have access to fresh pasture. Crow Fly pigs are fed an entirely soy-free organic feed. Their FoodCap loan funds will help kickstart operations with perimeter fencing, supplies, and freezer/cold-storage equipment.

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