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Bonnie Blue Farm

Bonnie Blue Farm

Bucks County, PA

Low-interest bridge loan funded Sept. 2020

Bonnie Blue Farms, located in Pipersville, PA, is a family-owned and operated sheep farm. Drawing on his experience growing up on a livestock farm as well as time managing farms for the Rodale Institute and Glasbern Inn, Farmer Ross Duffield raises these grass-fed sheep with a focus on regenerating and preserving the land. In between lambing seasons, Bonnie Blue Farms cultivates hemp, integrating their sheep herd into the hemp cultivation as a method of sustainable weed management and pasture rotation to enrich the soil. In 2020 Bonnie Blue Farms was awarded a PA Farm Vitality Grant; a 0% bridge loan from Foodshed Capital ensured they didn’t have to pay out of pocket while waiting for reimbursement.

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