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Activation Residency

Activation Residency

Bethel, NY

0% interest loan funded August 2023

Activation Residency is an artist residency program in New York state that since 2018 has created safe spaces for Black and queer artists to spend time in nature, rest, and restore. Founder Kamra Abdul-Hakim developed the concept in response to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent social movement in 2020, and were compelled to think deeply about what a liberated future looks like for Black and queer people, as well as others living on the margins. 


In 2022, Kamra successfully crowdsourced $250k to purchase eight acres of land. Through mentorship and business development support through CADE, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation, and Cornell Cooperative Extension, Kamra has developed a strong plan for a working farm to sustain, support, and engage QTBIPOC artists and residents. 

A 0% interest loan from Foodshed Capital will support Activation Residency as it launches a working farm to sustain and nourish residency participants.

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