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Heather Lyons



Heather joined Foodshed Capital as our financial controller in January 2022. She oversees all accounting-related activities within the organization. Prior to joining our team, Heather worked with us as a part-time bookkeeper. She has also worked as a consultant for Philadelphia-based Kitchen Table Consultants since April 2021. Prior to KTC, Heather worked for 4 years as Director of Finance at Edmonds College in Washington. She also worked for 5 years as a CPA at a firm in Bellevue, Washington, doing financial statement preparation, tax work, retirement planning, and litigation support.

Grounded by a deep reverence for the way our ecosystem nourishes us and a fundamental sense of responsibility to return the favor, Heather is driven to flex her expertise in accounting and finance in a way that empowers the stewards of our food system. As a teenager, creating a small vegetable garden out of simple curiosity and then delighting in a harvest of too many green beans was the catalyst for her desire to learn more about the food system and how she could help to improve it.

For three years she worked as bookkeeper for a food hub in Seattle, helping get it started and connecting local, sustainability-driven farmers to chefs who are excited about sourcing locally. Heather has a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Finance and Accounting from the University of Washington and is a certified CPA through the Washington Board of Accountancy. She lives in the Seattle area.

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